1961 Ford Econoline Pickup

Listen, I have a huge amount of #1 favorite cars.  It is generally whatever shitbox I happen to be looking at that minute.

But damn – those old econoline pickups?  They are amazing because of how off the proportions are.

This thing is like a cross between the previous two posts – a full sized van and an weirdo pickup.  The funny thing is that in most parts of the world this is what a normal one looks like – go anywhere in Europe, for example.


Fuck Yeah.

A sheet of vinyl draped over the seat. Imagine what that feels like in August without AC.

It doesn't really seem like the back wheels should be on the ground.


Asking $2500

A 1961 Ford Econoline Pick-up Truck
This truck is in all original condition.
Only 30,000 original miles.
It has the original 6 cy. engine with 3 speed transmission
It runs, and has good tires.
Has some body rust
Needs a little TLC
Hard to find, and would make a very nice collectible when restored.
only asking $2500 cash only…pick-up only




  1. david

    wheres the truck located and will you take less money cash if i drive to pick it up (that is if its where i can get to it )

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